1993   Suzhou Dongwu needle roller bearing factory was established.


1998   Successfully supporting Delphi Group, Zhejiang Xiaoshan Shajino Steering Machine Co., Ltd., formally entered the field of automotive parts manufacturing.


2000   Become a supporting supplier of Stanley Baide Group and export products to Stanley Baide Global Factory.


2002   To become a supporting supplier of Hitachi Machinery Works in Fujian and Guangdong.


2003   Suzhou Dongwu Needle Rolling Bearing Factory was formally renamed as Suzhou Dongwu Needle Rolling Bearing Co., Ltd. Taiwanese enterprises have invested 51% in China and 49% in Taiwan.


2005   1. First pass ISO/TS16949 system certification. 2. Steering column rubber bearings have been successfully developed and applied in large quantities. 3. Become a complete supplier of JTEG.


2010   Through the auditing of modern automobile system, it has entered the global purchasing platform of modern automobile.


2011   Steering column stamping angular contact ball bearing has been successfully developed and patented.


2012   Obtain the qualifications of national high-tech enterprises.


2014   Obtain the qualifications of national high-tech enterprises.


2016   Through Dr. Huayu (Zeifu steering system) audit.


2018   Annual output of 76 million sets of bearings, accounting for 51% of exports.